Technology Company

TOGL Technology was established on 26 September 2017 with its headquarters located in Malaysia. Specialising in Technology Innovation, TOGL Technology has been at the forefront of improving the quality of life through the advancement of In-House Innovation.Originally specialising in Web 2.0, TOGL Technology has integrated new features in Yippi.

The most eye-catching feature of Yippi is the E-Rewards system, besides providing an all-in-one entertainment platform. Not only that users can engage with each other through various social features, but also collect multipurpose reward points.

Yippi has since then become TOGL Technology’s flagship product.

As technology pivots towards Web 3.0, so does TOGL Technology. With the working goal of creating a presence as one of the leading tech companies using AI technology integrations, we plan to heighten Yippi’s product standing.

Besides Yippi, TOGL Technology also has numerous products under its umbrella, including e-Commerce TopzMall and e-Travel marketplace TogaGo.


Product Solution

Yippi E-Rewards App

Yippi is an E-Rewards App that enables users to redeem various services such as discounts and bill payments through the usage of Yipps — Yippi’s in-app point reward. Yipps can be earned through spending with partner merchants through the Yipps Wanted loyalty program.This in turn could aid in maximising customer flow for partner merchants alongside rewarding users, thus acting as a two-way reward program.

TopzMall Marketplace

TopzMall is an online marketplace designed especially for users. Offering premium products at affordable prices, TopzMall prides itself on its wide variety of selections, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

TogaGo Travel Marketplace

TogaGo is the ideal travel marketplace for travellers to search for the best bargains in terms of travel accommodations as well as various discount vouchers.


Back Yard Software House

TOGL Technology powers all its affiliated companies, implying that companies such as TOGA, RedBox, Eostre, Keenon and others all utilize TOGL Technology as their backyard software house.


Services Offered

Besides its umbrella of products, TOGL Technology also provides IT Manages Services such as website, email and server management.

TOGL Technology also specialises in Mobile App development, which comprises E-Wallets, Marketplaces and many more.

TOGL Technology also provides professional services such as:

  • Mobile apps development
  • E-Commerce solution & marketplace
  • Product design and digital transformation
  • Technology consulting
  • Web application development
  • Advance Technologies